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Bugaboo Cameleon vs Joolz Day - Battle Royale

Bugaboo Cameleon vs Joolz Day - Battle Royale

Two of the heavyweight champions in the baby pram game are the Bugaboo Cameleon and the Joolz Day Pram and too often we find that people are deciding between these absolutely stunning prams.  So today, we decided to give our honest thoughts when comparing between the Bugaboo and the Joolz and why people decide to buy one or the other.  

The Price

There is not a lot of difference between the two which makes it helpful to compare.  The Cameleon RRP is $1559 and the Joolz Day RRP is $1699 so the Joolz is $140 more expensive typically than the Bugaboo.  In saying that, keep an eye out for specials we release on either to grab yourself a bargain!

Winner - Bugaboo Cameleon

The Features

Let's start with what they both can/can't do first and move on to what makes them unique.


So both the Bugaboo Cameleon and the Joolz Day don't have the ability to take a second child so they are specifically designed for one baby/child.  They both have a toddler board option though so they're even there.  They both have a seat that is suitable from newborn up to 17kgs - even.  They both come with a bassinet that makes a super comfortable bed for a newborn up to 6 months - the Joolz is a separate complete unit whereas the Bugaboo is a zip-on fabric.  We personally prefer having the bassinet as a separate component as it just feels like you're getting more but those who want to save space in the garage, the Bugaboo zip on fabric is a great idea.  They both have a telescopic handlebar which accommodates the tallest parents, the seats are both reversible but we think the Bugaboo has a slighter nicer spring mechanism to click the seat in and they both have an adjustable hood which looks great.

Winner - We can't make a decision as they are really quite similar in those aspects

Unique features

The Bugaboo and Joolz wheels are both 12 inches at the rear and smaller tyres up front.  The difference being the Bugaboo tyres are filled with foam so you'll never get a puncture and the Joolz tyres are air-filled but they do feel phenomenal to push along.  

The design of both prams is quite similar and really subject to taste.  We personally think that the Joolz is a bit less common to see around so if you wanted to be a bit more unique, the Joolz has a certain flair to it - especially the Earth edition which has a leatherette handle and trims.  Bugaboo releases stunning limited edition strollers so keep an eye out for those as they go quick!   

The sturdiness of the stroller is quite an interesting topic as the Cameleon is super light, it feels a little less solid than the Joolz (personal opinion).  I suppose that's a pro and con of strollers, but the Bugaboo is built to comfortable go through sand, grass and gravel so if you're keen to get outside with your stroller, you will have no problem with either of these.

The Bugaboo has the ability to fit 3 different types of capsules - The Maxi Cosi Mico AP, Britax Safe N Sound Unity and Chicco Keyfit whereas the Joolz can only take the Maxi Cosi Mico AP.  Something to consider if you had your mind set on a particular car seat.  

The Bugaboo also has a reversible handle which makes it easier to get through some tougher terrain such as sand whereas the Joolz handle remains fixed.  

Winner - Bugaboo Cameleon


Very subjective but we believe the Joolz is a stunning pram and worthy of anyones attention.  The leatherette trim and choice of colours are timeless.  In saying that, the Bugaboo has super eye-catching colours and limited edition trims which really change the game.

Winner - Joolz Day

The Fold

In a nutshell, the Joolz can fold with the seat on or off which is fantastic whereas with the Bugaboo, you have to remove the seat to fold the pram.  *Both can't be folded with a bassinet.  

However, on first try of folding both prams, we find that people typically enjoy folding the Bugaboo as it folds up lighter in your hands and is a bit easier.  The Joolz is great to fold with the seat on but when you take the seat off, we find customers struggle a little more.  In saying that, once you fold either of the prams once, you will have it mastered and we have never heard from anyone saying that either pram was a pain to fold down.  

Winner - Bugaboo Cameleon


If you have narrowed down your choice to the Bugaboo Cameleon and the Joolz Day then feel comfort in knowing that many others are in the same boat!  We think that if you want something that feels a little more solid, has stunning finishes and something that is more unique, the Joolz Day is a sensational choice.  On the other hand, if you want a pram who's brand paved the way for functional luxury strollers and has built a huge following (including celebrities), the Bugaboo Cameleon is lighter and has a few more functions to ensure you'll always have the perfect pram.  

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