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Bugaboo Bee Vs Babyzen Yoyo - Travel Strollers

Bugaboo Bee Vs Babyzen Yoyo - Travel Strollers

At Baby Zone, we are often asked "What is the best stroller to travel with?" or "I am travelling overseas, what pram should I buy?".  Well today, we have decided to compare two of the best options, the hugely popular Bugaboo Bee and the new kid on the block, the Babyzen Yoyo.  

The Price

Firstly, we must talk about the price of these two great, nifty strollers.  They are certainly at the higher end of the price range but their functionality and design justifies the price.  The Bugaboo Bee is significantly more expensive at $949 RRP and the Babyzen Yoyo is more moderately priced at $549 RRP.  Keep an eye for our specials for these two as holiday seasons approach!

Winner - Babyzen Yoyo

The Size

It only makes sense to talk about the size of a travel stroller as you want something small, light and easy to get around.  The Bugaboo Bee is super small but also comes with the ability to extend the handlebar, the seat can adjust in height and depth so it has the ability to grow.  The Babyzen Yoyo on the other hand, has a smaller footprint, is lighter and folds up smaller but doesn't give you the options to grow the stroller with your baby.  It's more of a 'one-size fits all' kind of setup.  The coolest feature of the Babyzen here is that the pram folds up small enough to fit in the overhead compartment in a plane.  That means no rough airport workers throwing around your beautiful pram and you can ride off the plane straight away - we think this is awesome!

Bugaboo Bee Weight: 8.7kg

Babyzen Yoyo Weight: 5.8kg

Bugaboo Bee Max Child Weight: 17kg

Babyzen Yoyo Max Child Weight: 15kg

Bugaboo Bee Width: 53cm

Babyzen Yoyo Width: 44cm

Winner - Babyzen Yoyo 

The Features

This is where the Bugaboo Bee truly shines.  Even though it is a tiny stroller, the Bugaboo Bee can take 3 different types of capsules - The Maxi Cosi Mico AP, Britax Safe N Sound Unity and Chicco Keyfit. Don't forget you'll just need the Bugaboo Bee3 capsule adaptor.  Unfortunately, The Babyzen Yoyo is not compatible with any car capsules.  The Bugaboo Bee is suitable from birth and you can purchase a bassinet separately if you want to cocoon your baby too.  The Babyzen Yoyo by itself is suitable from 6 months (which is probably a realistic age to start travelling with your baby regardless) but if you did want to use the pram from newborn, you will need to purchase the Babyzen Nest.  

The seat on the Bugaboo Bee is more suited to accomodate a newborn and is easily adjusted for a 3-4 year old whereas your child may be a little more cramped in the Babyzen Yoyo as they get towards the weight limit of 15kgs.  The Bee seat is reversible so you can face your baby towards you or towards the world as they get older whereas the Babyzen Yoyo only faces forward.    

Winner - Bugaboo Bee

The Fold

Both prams fold up extremely small but for simplicity, the Babyzen Yoyo folds up small enough to fit in the overhead compartment and we find it a little easier to fold compared to the Bugaboo Bee.  In saying that, the Bugaboo Bee allows you to fold the pram with the seat attached which is quite rare for a seat that is reversible.

Winner for simplicity - Babyzen Yoyo

Winner for functionality - Bugaboo Bee


If you are looking for a high-end travel stroller, you really can't go wrong with either the Bee or the Yoyo.  We would recommend the Yoyo for those who purely want a really great stroller for travelling as you really can't beat its size, manoeuvrability and quality however you might find that having a bigger pram at home might be handy some days.  If you wanted something that can do it all, you can't look past the Bugaboo Bee as it will work perfect for travelling and also be the only stroller you need at home.

Come in to our store in Perth where we can offer you personalised advice on buying the perfect travel stroller.

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