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Wee Rascals Infant Amber Necklace


You should try this if...

You are looking for a natural therapy to help your little one with nappy rash, fevers, inflammation and numerous other symptoms.  They work by following a traditional Baltic/European remedy which uses amber.  Amber naturally has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties and these bracelets are nothing short of fantastic.  We have heard it first-hand from parents who swear that these necklaces have massively helped their babies inflammation issues.  They are worth a try as any benefit you receive is a bonus as they look great as a standalone necklace in different colours!

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A little bit more info...

    • Length: 33cm
    • Natural Remedy for inflammation
    • Best fit for newborns to 5 years old
    • They are all handmade in Lithuania for quality control and beads are knotted individually so they won't fall over the floor if they break.  Simply tie it back together
    • Guaranteed 100% Genuine Baltic Amber (You can check by inserting a hot needle slowly into your beads.  It should smell like burning pine needles - if not, it'll smell like burnt plastic. yuck!
    • Reported to help with 
      • reducing psoriasis and eczema
      • alleviating stress
      • stimulation of the thyroid gland
      • aids in blood circulation
      • aids in the reduction of fevers
      • allergies
      • eases muscle pains
      • asthma
      • mastitis
      • growing pains
      • pain associated with arthritis
      • boosts immunity
      • reduces inflammation (of throat, ear and stomach infections, and respiratory illness)
      • accelerates wound healing
      • mood balancing
      • lessens depression
      • aids your memory and intellect
      • helps with emotional calming
      • natural antibiotic
      • positive effects on the heart
      • nervous system and kidneys
      • (JUST TO NAME A FEW!!)