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Toddler Tints


You will love this if...

You have tried some other window shades and find they create blind spots and aren't fun for the kids.  Toddler Tints are a clever window appliqué that attaches on the window from the inside but is completely see through and won't block visibility.  They look great for the kids and from the outside, you don't know they are there.  They are completely customised to your car as you can cut them for the perfect fit, providing both UV, glare and heat from your little one.

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A little bit more info...

  • Two way stick-on window shade that block UV, glare and heat from your little one
  • Looks great with multiple different patterns
  • Dimensions are 1000mm x 600mm and you can cover one rear window
  • Your visibility is not affected at all and you can't see the patterns AT ALL from the outside.  It's great for those who don't want their new set of wheels to look like a Wiggles mobile
  • Children can't pull them off and they will look great for years as they don't fade, deteriorate, stretch or flap.
  • You can still put the window down which is awesome!

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