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Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales Soothe & Groove Mobile


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You're after a cot mobile that many musical options. The Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales Soothe & Groove Mobile has a selection of 18 melodies in 6 musical categories, resulting in 40 mins of continuous non-repetitive music that amuses and soothes baby. The mobile grows with baby converting from crib mobile to a stand-alone portable music box that babies can take anywhere.

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  • This adorable Tiny Princess Tales mobile features the cute Tiny Pioneers and uses Jazz, World, Nature sounds, Classic, Lullaby or soothing White Noise music to encourage cognition and communication.
  • The high-quality speakers and shuffle button keep the playlist fresh, offering pure enjoyment for babies and parents.
  • Unique patented movement
  • Up to 40 minutes of continuous music
  • Volume adjustment
  • Baby activated button
  • Can also be used as a stand-alone portable music box
0-5 months
Let baby enjoy the fun musical selection while in the crib or play the unique White Noise option to your newborn baby. Research has found that White Noise relaxes newborns as it reminds them of the sounds they had heard while in the womb.

5+ months
Once the time for mobiles is over, remove the arm and leave the stand-alone music box. Soon enough, your baby will learn how to activate the music box independently and revel in that discovery.

12+ months
Once your little one starts walking, he or she will enjoy carrying the portable music box around and listening to their favorite tune from the extensive musical selection.