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Britax Safe N Sound Kid Guard


You will love this if...

You are looking for a booster seat that will carry your child all the way up to 10 years old whilst still being compact and secure for a smaller 4 year old. With its expandable lower side wings, extendable seat base, Active Head Restraint (AHR) and 9 points adjustable headrest, the Kid Guard grows with your child delivering comfort and safety on the move.

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Most important features

    1. The Kid Guard provides continued safety from first booster use until your child is approx. 135cm in total height - 4 years to 10 years of age (approx.) or when shoulders meet the maximum height markers.
    2. The seat extends 65mm in length as their bottoms grow, the headrest rises to 9 different positions and the side wings will extend out 130mm so they are always comfortable.
    3. The side wings are also great at preventing your child from slouching over
    4. The shoulder markers will determine if your child can fit in the seat.  If they are below the lowest height marker, then they can wait a little longer and if they are above the top marker, then it's time to sit in the adult seat!
    5. The SLIDEGUARD Clip is a life saving device that prevents your child from sliding under the lap-belt (submarining) during impact, thus minimising the risk of abdominal inquiry. Built-in sash guide which correctly positions the seat belt across your child's chest and shoulder.
    6. The base of the seat is super compact so it's no problem in getting your hand to the seatbelt. You should even easily accommodate 3 across the back seat of your car.

The Nitty Gritty

Suitable for - Children from 4 years old and onwards (shoulder height markers determine when child is suitable exactly) to approximately 10 years old.

Weight - 7.25kg 

Warranty - Britax Safe-n-Sound injection moulded car seats are covered by:

    • 5 year warranty on seat moulding, harness and fittings; and
    • Fabric covers, comfort pad and padding are covered by a 2 year warranty
  • Extend it up to 10 years by registering online with Britax

Dimensions - L 75cm min – 88cm max x D 38cm min – 44.5cm max x W 47cm min – 57cm max.