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Aqua Scale Bath New Gen White


You will love this if...

You want a bath that has a thermometer to ensure perfect water temperature, a scale for weighing bubs and a bath with inbuilt anti-slip surface.  Aqua Scale Bath has an electric scale, a LCD screen that constantly updates and a ergonomic safety support built into the bath.  Not just your average bath here!

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Most important features

  1. Aqua Scale Bath Bath Tub is a multi-function product. It records your baby’s precise weight, while making adjustments for water and movement.
  2. It has a built in thermometer to ensure the water temperature is always comfortable and safe for your baby
  3. The bath has anti-slip surfaces to make sure we have no unnecessary accidents
  4. Once your baby has learned to sit, the Baby Tub easily converts to a toddler tub, accommodating children up to two years of age.