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Plane Pal Kit


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You want to turn every journey in to a dream. Now your child can stretch out and fall asleep or simply relax, without their legs dangling. And you can enjoy having your lap and your arms to yourself. But remember Plane Pal isn't just for use on plane's. You can use them in cars, and on trains and buses! Wherever your family is headed, we hope that Plane Pal will help you and your family enjoy the journey and not just the destination. 

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  • Plane Pal is a custom designed inflatable cushion that fills the space between your child’s seat and the seat in front. Made from high quality nylon, Plane Pal is light weight and compact and comes with a pump for stress free, easy inflation after take off. Plane Pal can also be used on trains and buses and for car travel.
  • Plane Pal Kit includes inflatable pillow, pump and backpack.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 90 kg.
  • Plane Pal comes with a pump for inflation. It can also be inflated manually by simply blowing it up.
  • Inflation takes around 2 - 3 minutes and deflation about approximately 3 seconds.
  • Plane pal was designed with children between 2-8 years old in mind, as they can utilise the product to it's full potential and extend their legs or lay flat. Adults tend to only be able to sit crossed legged or with their legs set to one side. For many adults just being able to raise their legs helps them to travel more comfortably.
  • Plane Pal is designed to fit most economy airlines and most standard, bus and train seats. Plane Pal is designed so that it has 3 sizes. It can be used upright or upside down to fit the space between your child’s seat and the seat in front. In most cases it will sit flush with your child's seat. By inflating Plane Pal in position you can adjust the level of inflation to ensure a snug fit that is level with the seat. 
  • Are Planepals allowed on all airlines? The advice from most airlines is that as long as the aisle and area between your seat and the seat in front remains clear during take of and landing you are entitled to use an inflated cushion during the remainder of the flight. We recommend using Plane Pal in the window seat or in the centre seat of the middle row of seats so as to not block another passenger. Singapore Airlines and a growing list of others, have expressly approved the use of inflatable travel beds for kids. We highly recommend contacting your airline carrier prior to purchasing to ensure they will allow use.
  • Inflated the Plane Pal measures: 57cm x 44cm x 37cm and weighs 900 grams (0.9 kg).

    A deflated Plane Pal stowed in the Plane Pal travel bag measures approx. 40cm x 16cm x 10cm.

    The hand pump measures 29cm x 9cm x 9cm and weighs 220 grams (0.22 kg) and can also be stowed in the travel bag.


    The Plane Pal, pump and travel bag weigh 1.3 kgs when packaged together.