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Pearhead Gender Reveal Balloon Kit


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You’re having a baby! Is it a boy or girl?! Have fun unveiling your baby’s gender with Pearhead’s gender reveal balloon kit. This adorable gender reveal kit includes everything you need to find out your baby’s gender!

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  • To make the announcement, simply have someone who knows the gender of the baby fill the balloon, using the funnel, with the correct powder and glitter.
  • They can then use the pink and blue ribbons to tie off the balloon for the expecting couple. When you’re ready to pop the balloon, use a pin or needle. Is it a he or she?!
  • Perfect for gender reveal parties
  • Includes 1 balloon, funnel, blue and pink ribbons, and blue and pink glitter and powder
  • To reveal your baby’s gender simply take the balloon outside, use a needle, and pop!
  • Product dimensions: 36” balloon