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Nanobebe Breastmilk Storage Bags + Organiser


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You're after innovative and modern breastmilk storage bags that are designed to prevent both spillage and spoilage as well as protect your precious milk. Designed to hold milk in a shallow layer, they cool and thaw quickly, reducing bacterial growth and preserving nutrients. Nanobebe's breastmilk storage bags are durable, leak-proof, made from extra-thick plastic, and feature a durable double-zipper.

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  • Tear-proof, extra-thick material
  • Fast cooling reduces bacterial growth
  • Even thawing helps preserve nutrients
  • Double zipper seals securely
  • Scale accurately measures milk quantity 
  • Label for name, volume, date, and time
  • BPA and Phthalate free
  • Includes 25 storage bags and storage bag organiser