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Leander Classic Dresser

by Leander

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You are looking for a modern, yet timeless set of drawers. Your baby’s room is as much a practical space as a sacred space for beautiful moments. The Leander Dresser features soft close runners and contemporary natural leather handles. It is great for any room in the house from the baby bedroom to the teenager’s retreat.

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  • Your child’s room is first and foremost, his or her own space, where there is room to play, without too many impediments. Leander’s chest of drawers has three roomy drawers to help you keep your child’s clothes, toys, and all the other things, neat and tidy.
  • Each drawer has soft-close – no squeezed fingers. No sharp edges. The chest of drawers is designed with the characteristic soft, round Leander edges.
  • The chest of drawers can be used as storage room for more or less everything. For clothes and socks. Soft toys and books. It is practical to invest in furniture that grows with your child. The chest of drawers can be used in the child’s room, the teenage room and in the office. The soft lines and the simple details make it suitable for most rooms.
  • The Leander Classic dresser is the perfect piece to coordinate with your Leander Bed.
  • Tan leather handles are a standard feature however grey felt or black leather handles are available separately.
  • The Classic Dresser is easily converted to a change table for your baby with either the Classic Dresser Changing Unit and/or the Leander Matty change mat. Simply place the changing unit or mat on the dresser. Done! And it is just as easily reverted back.
  • Dimensions: 90H x 94W x 50D cm
  • Made in Europe