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Il Tutto Henry Electric Recliner With USB


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You're looking for the perfect place to relax when nursing your baby. The gentle motion will help dry those eyes and put baby to sleep in no time. It's also great for middle of the night feeding, short naps (when you can catch them) and eventually a soothing spot for story-time.

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  • Meet Henry. Where luxury meets effortless comfort. Let the world pass you by while you relax, unwind and recharge, both your mind and your phone with Henry’s built-in USB port situated on the outer armrest, next to the recline button.
  • The ever-so-stylish Henry electric recliner and swivel glider chair with USB has been designed to support you and your baby reset and recharge. Featuring an electronic recline function that enables you to recline and sit up with ease with no effort required other than a simple press of a button, this electric recliner is most ideal for the early weeks of feeding your baby, especially those who have had a c-section birth.
  • This stylish glider chair also includes a smooth swivel motion and gently and effortlessly glides back and forth to help soothe your baby to sleep. Its ergonomic design will support your back and shoulders, and Henry’s considered arm rest armrest height will ensure your body is looked after while nursing your baby. Not only will Henry help recharge you and your baby, but also your phone, with its USB cable situated on the outer armrest, next to the recline button.
  • Power cord length is 2.4m
  • 180 degree (each side) swivel motion.
  • Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.
  • Comes assembled.
  • Henry has a weight capacity of 100kg.