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Groegg 2


You will love this if...

You're looking for piece of mind. The innovative Gro-egg 2 changes colour to let you know at a glance whether the temperature of a room is too low, too high or just right, helping you maintain a safe sleeping environment for your baby.

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A little bit more info...

  • This isn't just any room thermometer, the changing colours act as a reminder for you to cool or heat the room, to modify your baby's clothing, to use a different Grobag Baby Sleep Bag, or alter the level of bedding.
  • A yellow or orange glow on the Gro Egg 2 (sometimes known as the Grobag Egg) suggests a comfortable temperature for children to sleep in, whilst a blue glow suggests it's too cold and a red glow suggests it's too warm.
  • Acts as a gentle night light too!
  • USB powered for taking on your travels.
  • Adjustable brightness (4 levels).