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Charlie Crane Kumi Cradle


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You want a reassuring cocoon for the first months of your baby life, as well as the place where they will gradually wake up to the world. It's the perfect mix of modern and traditional design, with its minimalist and contemporary lines, while still retaining the millenary lateral swing that helps babies fall asleep.

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    • During assembly, the parents tie the cords themselves. A gesture of high emotional value since it involves participating in the construction of the child’s nest.
    • The mattress is included.
    • Use from birth until the child can sit alone, stand up or crawl.
    • Compliant with European standard EN1130:1996 and PR EN1130:2018
    • Mattress compliant with Australian standard AS/NZS 8811.1:2013
    • Extra simple assembly using an Allen key supplied
    • Detachable and machine washable fabric at 40°C
    • Design: Gaspard Tiné-Bérès for Charlie Crane
    • Registered design
    • Made in Turkey (Wood), France (Mattresses and laces), China (Cocoon).