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Bunnie Caddie


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You love to be organised. Boasting neutral tones and elegant vibrant shades, the Bunnie Caddie has a luxurious look and feel, and will double as a stylish nursery decor item. Designed with the finer details honed to perfection every feature of your caddie has been carefully considered for optimum style and functionality.

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  • The Bunnie Caddie is made from premium felt fabric that provides a sturdy base and sectional caddie, leather trim and metal hardware for a sleek look, plus a leather strap for durability and ease of transport.
  • Each bag will be shipped in a dust proof bag that can double as an everyday tote.
  • Tan leather detailing on the bottom, side as well as handles for durability
  • Nine functional pockets
  • Three removable dividers that can be used to support and organise your products
  • Larger leather pocket with magnetic closure
  • Silver hardware
  • Two-tone body strap
  • Size 41cm L x 32cm D x 21cm H