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Brica Swing Baby in Sight Mirror

by Brica
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You have just come home from the hospital and now realise that you can't see your precious cargo in the rear seat. Go for a joyride while your little one is entertained by the swinging of the cheerful animals that move with the motion of your car. Best batteries!

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  • On the go? Check in on your little cutie while you drive and keep them smiling, no batteries required! The adorable animals on this crash-tested mirror swing side to side with the motion of your car to keep baby happy. And the Clear-Sight™ mirror gives you a clear, distortion-free view of what’s happening in the back with just a glance in your rear-view mirror. A smile here, a giggle there, and your time spent on the road gets just a little bit better.
  • Animals swing with the motion of your car for entertaining fun.
  • Clear-Sight mirror for superior reflection and a distortion-free image
  • Child can see driver and their own reflection.
  • Multiple attachment options fit most vehicles.
  • No batteries required.
  • Crash-tested.