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Britax E-Brake Stroller

Britax E-Brake Stroller

We love when Australia is the first. And this is one of those times. Britax have released a world first stroller with e-brake technology. This stroller has a touch sensitive handle that detects when you have your hand on the handle and automatically brakes the moment you let go - giving you ultimate peace of mind!

That's definitely the coolest feature with the e-brake stroller. It has a few other features that we really like from the Steelcraft Strider Compact. That is, if a second child is coming along, you can just add on a second seat and not worry about buying a whole new pram… Great news! It’s also compatible with the popular Safe N Sound Unity infant carrier, making life a breeze from pram to car.

Another of the gadgets is the LCD display. The screen shows the time, temperature as well as a calorie counter and pedometer. So no excuse for not losing that baby weight:) The rain cover, sun cover, boot cover, storage organiser, padded insert and capsule adaptors are all included in the price making the $949 price tag a little more bearable.

It’s available in two colours cobalt blue and silver and weighs 12 kilograms. This new technology adds on a few kilo’s to the pram that will definitely get lighter in the future.

Interesting Fact

We first wondered what happens when the battery goes flat?  Luckily, the team at Britax have thought it through and have created a manual override that allows you to continue using your pram the "old-fashioned" way should the pram go flat.  Pretty cool stuff!

Our Verdict

2 kilograms lighter, and we would have a superstar pram on our hands.  A great idea for any first time parents with safety at the forefront of their minds

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