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Wild Indiana Fancy Gift Box set


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You need something a little FANCY in your life. Especially when our little ones like to play the ‘grown-up’. They go from babe, to toddler, to child so QUICK. Fancy was created as something to mark their milestones and support their development as they transition to their big chair at the dinner table.

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  • Every set includes a silicone plate with a deep middle and broad sides, supporting your child as they learn to use their knife and fork. Silicone cup textured on both sides to support your child’s grip. A stainless steel knife, fork and spoon that have a soft silicone handle, in a shape your child is familiar with. Your child's own Graduation Certificate. Moving them one step closer to being a fully-fledged ‘grown-up’.
  • Materials: 100% FDA approved silicone, BPA & PVC free and stainless steel.
  • Please note, extra caution should be taken with the white silicone to avoid stains.