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Wean Meister Adorabowls

You will love this if...

You are looking for a 'one-bowl' solution where you can store, freeze, microwave, oven and dishwasher your baby's food.  Super cool silicon design that won't scratch and will last for years.  Completely safe, no chemical nasties and BPA Free.

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A little bit more info...

  • Comes with two bowls which store up to 250ml each
  • Silicone is bacteria resistant and super easy to clean so no need to worry about germs
  • Lasts for years - super durable and flexible
  • No BPA, Phthalates or hard to pronounce chemicals
  • Designed to be really easy to hold and non slip
  • Suction cap really holds on tight so you can comfortably store food
  • Perfect for baby food or toddler snacks