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Tiny Love Treasure The Ocean 2 in 1 Musical Gymini


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You're after an inspiring and safe environment where your baby can explore and develop. Beautifully designed ocean playmat with 18 engaging activities and 2 modes of use - musical starfish rotating mobile with 6 melodies and a spectacular lights show and responsive tummy time tapping toy.

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  • Ages 0+
  • 0+ months: Bonding through music
    Play the original sing-along created with our  very own music therapist to your baby on the starfish mobile, and use the tips that appear in the developmental booklet that comes with the playmat to make singing it to your baby a memorable experience and enjoy the fun dance activity it includes.
  • 0-3+ months: Stimulating sense & practicing motor skills
    The gym’s colors, textures and sounds stimulate babies’ senses from the very first days. The wonderful collection of activities and toys will inspire your baby to practice skills and spend more time in tummy time. While lying on their backs, let your baby enjoy the sweet music played by the starfish mobile hanging above, or practice eye-hand coordination by trying to reach out and hit the crinkly manta ray wind chime.
  • 2+ months: Extending tummy time
    Detach the engaging starfish mobile and use in tapping mode to encourage your baby to spend more time in tummy time, strengthening muscles in preparation for the developmental milestones ahead. For mellower stimulation, draw your baby’s attention to the fascinating shiny ribbons or let her gaze at her reflection in the mirror.
  • 6+ months: Understanding cause & effect
    When baby is older, it's time to go on exploring the various features in a more sophisticated way, playing with the starfish mobile in tapping mode, enjoying the peek-a-boo game, etc. Exploring these toys will help your little one begin to understand the idea of cause and effect.