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Oribel Cocoon Z High Chair

by Oribel

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You're searching for the perfect high chair for any meal time. From peaceful naps to hassle-free meals, Cocoon Z is designed to help you crush it and look snazzy while doing it! The iconic cozy shell keeps your baby comfortable at every stage, like always. The new proprietary gliders give you the freedom to keep baby close as you take the Cocoon Z from room to room.

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  • Suitable from 0 month to 3 years.
  • Lounger. Feeding Chair. And more. Oribel, sees design as a way to get the most out of every object in our lives. With Cocoon Z’s 3 recline modes, you can start using it as a safe cocoon for your infant, to a dining chair for when he's ready to join the big-people's table. And everything in between. 
  • Comfort at every stage. The iconic Cocoon shape envelops the baby snugly while the full back support and adjustable footrest ensure maximum comfort while starting solids.
  • Height adjustment for comfort. The Cocoon Z levels up for every situation. Use it comfortably by the couch, at bar height or by the dining table!
  • Always protecting your child. Comes with a 5-point harness for a snug and secure fit. Need more freedom? Drop the shoulder straps for a 3-point harness.
  • Glides like no other. Cocoon Z gives wheels a minimalist makeover with gliders that are discreetly ensconced within its legs. Designed to keep your child safe in all situations, they offer additional stability to the chair and can be easily locked to prevent movement. 
  • Glides on all surfaces. Glides easily on marble, wood, carpet, and many more. Made of Teflon, these gliders are durable and won’t leave scratch marks on your floors. 
  • Glides in all directions. Made for maneuvering through tight spaces, Cocoon Z swiftly moves in every direction. 360-degree movement, unlike anything you have seen. 
  • Cleans like a dream. No seams. No stitches. One piece integrated EVA seat traps no food bits and makes cleaning a breeze!​
  • Pop out tray for cleaning. The tray that attaches effortlessly to the chair is dishwasher-safe. It's generously sized so toy cars can race easily around the cereal bowl as your child eats. 
  • Removable seat for cleaning. For a really good scrub, remove the EVA seat pad and the harness for a nice deep cleaning. 
  • Trying to save you as much time as we can! Cocoon Z can be assembled tool-free in minutes. 
  • The maximum weight of a baby using the Cocoon high chair is 44 lbs or 20Kg.