Milk Trays

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You want to confidently freeze your breastmilk so you will always have a stash handy and never short in those desperate times.  Milk Trays are medical-grade plastic containers that allow busy mums to freeze breastmilk and create consistent portions of frozen milk for your baby.  The Milk Trays are perfect for those that want some peace of mind knowing that they will always have some breastmilk for their baby - breastmilk is best!


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A little bit more info...

  • 16 compartments with ~30ml capacity each.  Total capacity is 480ml
  • The Milk Trays produces 16 milk sticks which can fit into any bottle so you can take them on the go - reheat them in the bottle and you have milk ready for your baby.
  • Each compartment is sealed so your milk won't get that funny freezer smell and they are easy to stack
  • Made by mums, for mums
  • The plastic is medical-grade ensuring you don't have fat soluble nutrients sticking to the plastic.  The plastic is also flexible so you can pop out the milk sticks.
  • Plastic is very flexible making it easy to remove the frozen Milk Sticks.
  • The trays are reusable!
  • The clever, 30ml size means you can quickly freeze 16 sticks in just a few hours, pop them out and then store them in separate bags.  Unlike nurser bags, you don't need to freeze a huge bag of milk - the Milk Trays allow you to freeze very precise measurements and use only what you need.
  • Breastmilk can't be frozen and reheated multiple times so only thaw/reheat what you need.  You can freeze hundreds of milk sticks and just use what you need rather than thawing out a whole nurser bag of milk and having to dispose of unused milk.