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Leander Linea Package

by Leander

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You're after a edgy and urban look with the same quality and level of craftsmanship that Leander is known for. The new Linea design has been carefully developed to ensure that it meets all expectations, both those of the consumer but also those of Leander’s own . “Your baby’s safety is a priority,” Stig Leander Nielsen says: “and it is important to me to create high quality products at a reasonable price because I strongly believe that quality enhances the joy of living. Furniture in a child’s room needs to be attractive, functional and durable as well as adaptable to the child’s changing needs.” That Linea has a very different look to the original Leander range is deliberate. The range is fresh and offers something new. However, the same finesse and attention to detail has been applied and Linea is striking with its angled lines and finger joints on the corners of the cot. The wood is plantation grown European beech, all glues and varnishes are non-toxic, all textiles are Eco-Tex 100 certified and all safety standard requirements are met.

Package includes Linea dresser, Linea cot, cot mattress, canopy rod, canopy and sheet set. 

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  • Package includes Linea dresser, Linea cot, cot mattress, canopy rod, canopy and sheet set. 
  • Linea dresser
    • This beautiful dresser in natural European beech is designed to suit not only the nursery but the rest of the house, too. It features angled lines characteristic for the Linea by Leander range and the contemporary look is further supported by the grey felt handles. The Linea Dresser is a beautiful piece with the same distinct look as the cot and change table It has 3 spacious drawers on self closing runners and will follow your child from baby to adult.
    • The dresser foot print measures 100W x 49D x 85H cm, and the top is 86×49 cm. It is made from solid European plantation beech and all varnishes and glues are non-toxic.
    • The 3 spacious drawers are all fitted with soft closing runners to avoid the jamming of fingers and the smart felt handles are soft to the touch and pose no risk to small bodies running past.
  • Linea cot
    • This stylish baby bed by Leander is designed with the urban lifestyle in mind. The look is minimalist and precise but also elegant and sophisticated and meets our desire for individual style and expression. The craftsmanship and quality materials ensures longevity and daily pleasure – quality enhances the joy of living.
    • The LINEA by Leander cot is made from solid beech and measures 120 x 60cm. It has beautiful old style finger joints – a testament to the craftsmanship involved. The base has two height settings for the baby and the cot converts to a junior bed by removing one of the sides for the older child. Later it converts to a smart sofa by adding back cushions and a cover to the mattress.
  • Comfort 7+ cot mattress
    • The Leander mattresses are made by Europe’s leading mattress manufacturer Traumeland in Austria and offer unsurpassed ventilation and comfort for your baby. They are made from high quality cold-pressed foam with drilled air-channels and two weight specific sides; one for your baby and one for your toddler.
    • The mattress cover also promotes great breathability and is fully divisible so you only have to wash the soiled half.
    • This super comfortable mattress has a pressure-relieving cold foam core with drilled vertical air channels for continuous air circulation. The surfaces are different: one side has small knobs and is ideal for a baby’s weight (the white side) and the other has a wave pattern (the purple side) ideal for a heavier toddler (12kg+).
    • The mattress has a zip-off cover with inbuilt mattress protector with excellent wetness protection and breathability properties. It contains Tencel® which is 130 times more absorbent than cotton and is quilted with 100% wash fleece (polyester fleece) and refined with lavender and melissa oil essences for their calming effect as well as their effectiveness against fungi and bacteria.
  • Cot canopy rod 
    • The canopy rod allows you to add an elegant canopy to your Linea cot. It can be fitted at the end of the cot or along the side. It is made from solid European beech and is easily attached.
  • Cot canopy
    • The light and elegant canopy provides a beautiful enclosure for the Linea by Leander baby cot while also creating a protective 'cave' for the child.
    • W: 340 cm, H: 170 cm.
    • 65% polyester, 35% cotton.
    • Eco-Tex® 100 approved textiles.
    • Can be machine washed at 40 degrees and tumble dried.
    • Can be used at the end or the side of the bed.
  • Leander cot sheets
    • These fitted baby cot sheets are made from interlock jersey in 100% cotton. Soft and durable you can choose from white, light grey, misty blue or soft pink to match the rest of the textile series. 
    • 2 fitted sheets included.
    • Eco-Tex® 100 approved textiles.
    • Can be machine washed at 60°C and tumble dried.