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Leander Matty

by Leander

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You like to challenge a traditional concept. Leander have created this all-in-one change mat which transforms any flat surface into a safe change station. Simply place the mat onto a table, a dresser or laundry bench and the non-slip base complete with 4 silicone “feet” will keep it safely in place. You now have full freedom to create a changing space just right for you.

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  • Did you know that when you have a child, you’re changing nappies 6-10 times a day? That adds up to several thousand nappy changes by the time your child is three. A good changing space with all you need is worth looking at to make your pit stops a real pleasure for baby and for you.
  • The Leander Matty is incredibly soft and your baby will be super comfortable lying straight on the mat, no need for a cover.
  • The material is PUR (polyurethane foam) which is very pliable yet robust, hence Matty is soft yet sturdy. PUR contains no unhealthy or endocrine disruptors.
  • The Matty mat weighs 2.9kg which adds to its sturdiness and you can rest assured that the mat will stay in position, also when your baby is very active.
  • Designed to make life with your baby easier, Matty is easy to wipe down and clean. It is 100% waterproof, and no fluids can leak into the cushion.
  • H: 11 cm, L: 70 cm, W: 50 cm