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Spotty Giraffe Sleepover Padded Portacot Fitted Sheet


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You have a portacot and are wanting to make it a little more comfortable for your baby. The Sleepover fitted sheet is padded and makes it just that bit softer for baby to have a comfortable nap. 

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  • Safe and secure.
  • Very easy to fit. An additional safety feature allows the base, with The Sleepover fitted on it, to be anchored to the bottom of the travel/portacot, as recommended by the cot manufacturer. Locate the fastening strips through the openings at both ends of The Sleepover, feed through the slits in the bottom of the portacot and secure underneath. This ensures complete safety as the base cannot be removed or lifted up by an infant, avoiding any possible entrapment.
  • Hygenic - machine washable, line or tumble dry.
  • Versatile - can also be used as a play may or nappy change mat.
  • No need to use any other loose items in your travel/portacot.
  • Made from 100% quality cotton fabric. Top section is filled with polester fibre to create a beautifully soft and comfortable sleeping surface for baby.  Eliminates the scratching noise from the nylon cot base.
  • Size 75cm x 110cm. Fits most popular brands of portacot.