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Joolz Hub Capsule Adapter

by Joolz

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You want to get from car to coffee shop: and let your baby dream on comfortably. Simply click your car seat onto your Joolz Hub with these adapters; and off you go!

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  • A Joolz car seat adapter means you’re fully equipped and ready to set off by car or foot. With our car seat adapter comes that sense of having greater flexibility - in just one click compatible capsules can easily adapts to fit upon your stroller. Simply add a single pair of adapters to your Joolz Hub and you’re all set for the journey ahead. Forget wandering around with that bulky car seat; this is how your little one can keep on snoozing while you quietly make the switch from car to stroller.
  • Compatible with the following car seats:
    • Maxi-Cosi
    • Bugaboo Turtle
    • Nuna Pipa Klik
    • Cybex Cloud Q