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Infa Secure Luxi II Astra

Original price $599.99
Current price $499.99

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You're looking for a car seat that will fit your child from birth till when they no longer need to be in a seat!

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  • The Luxi II Astra features a narrow base, making access to the vehicle seat belt buckle easy and allowing for better placement on contoured vehicle seats.
  • The Luxi II Astra features three configurations - rearward facing, forward facing with harness, and as a booster seat used with the vehicle lap sash seatbelt. The Luxi II’s rearward facing mode now accommodates children up to a large 12 month olds. Then, it turns around for use as a forward facing with harness seat for children up to a large 4 year old. From there, it converts into a booster seat for use with the vehicle’s lap sash seatbelt. The higher headrest and shoulder height marker sits at approximately 51cm. This means it accommodates more children for longer! Yes, that's right, you won't need to buy another seat for this child again.
  • Features Air Cocoon Technology. This enhances side impact protection through blow moulding design, dramatically reducing the impact forces during a crash. The blow moulded backrest and side wings act like airbags. This greatly reduces the forces on a child’s head and body in a side impact accident.
  • The Luxi II Astra also features Active Fabric. The easy-care Active Fabric covers are hard wearing, cool and breathable. The machine washable, press-stud covers and inserts can easily be removed for cleaning without having to uninstall the seat.