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Infa Secure Kompressor 4 Mini Swirl - Isofix

Original price $599.99
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You're restricted for space in the back seat of your car. The Infa Secure Kompressor 4 Mini Swirl has been specifically designed for those who need to fit 3 car seats in their car. It's also great for those who have compact cars.

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  • The Kompressor 4 Mini Swirl features an all new shell design, while maintaining all the things people love about the Kompressor series. New side wings and a taller backrest provide greater side impact protection, without compromising the Kompressors famous narrow design. A short rearward facing depth makes it perfect for smaller vehicles where space is at a premium.
  • Kompressor 4 Mini Swirl features Air Cocoon Technology™ (A.C.T.)This enhances side impact protection through blow moulding design, which dramatically reduces the impact forces during a crash. The blow moulded shell greatly reduces the forces on a child’s head and body in a side-impact accident.
  • An infant insert and head pillow offer a cooler, roomier ride, while still providing excellent support for newborns and infants.
  • Rearward facing to an average 30 month old. Great for those who intend to keep their child rearward facing for as long as possible.
  • Forward facing with internal harness to large 4 year old (average 6 year old).
  • There's 9 forward facing recline positions. You can recline the car seat from the front, so you can easily recline the car seat should your child doze off.
  • Press-studded cover design to make for easy cleaning.
  • Shoulder and crotch buckle pads and a seat protector are also included.
  • Width (Base) 34cm
  • Width (Arm) 39cm
  • Width (Side Wings) 44cm
  • Height (Top to Bottom) 68cm
  • Depth (Forward Facing) 50cm
  • Depth (Rearward Facing) 64cm
Approximate Shoulder Height Marker Locations
  • Lower Marker (Must Rearward Face Under Marker) – 34cm
  • Middle Marker (Turn to Forward Facing) – 39cm
  • Upper Marker (Stop Use) 43.5cm