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Hugabub Mesh Ring Sling

by Hugabub

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You want a baby carrier that is super quick to pop on and off. Ring slings are great for quick on-the-go babywearing. Pop baby in and out quickly and easily as you lift a toddler from the ground, or take baby in an out of car seats or prams. Ring slings can be used in the upright position from birth (3.2 kg) to older children worn on the hip. It's a great choice for hands-free babywearing. Fabric fanned out wide over the back makes it a comfortable choice for regular use, and for relieving tired arms when carrying a toddler on the hip.

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  • Quick to pop on and off, a ring sling is a good way to sit older babies on the hip while remaining hands free. When held in the upright position only, babies are safe to use the ring sling from 3.2 kg (newborn), and seek health professional advice is your baby is smaller and/or premature. Never lay your baby horizontal in a sling.
  • We all know babies are cooler and more comfortable in cotton. Your Hug-a-Bub ring sling is particularly lovely in chemical free GOTS certified organic cotton.  It gets better with washing and you'll enjoy years of use from this beautifully made ring sling.
  • Tip: Ensure your baby is visible and kissable (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance recommendation) and for further comfort, keep in mind T.I.C.K.S. safety guidelines when using any baby carriers (Tight against your body, In View at All Times, Close enough to kiss, Keep chin off chest, Supported Back).  
  • While there is no strict weight limit, up to 14 kg is recommended as a guide.
  • Certified Fair Trade
  • Every Hug-a-Bub plants a tree (in Haiti, Nepal and Madagascar through Eden Projects)
  • Machine washable warm or cold gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat.