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Connetix Rainbow 92 Piece Ball Run Pack

You will love this if...

You want to delight in the limitless open-ended STEAM learning opportunities. This pack features the unique exclusively designed clear fluted tubes, 6 rainbow wooden balls, x2 special effect stair soundscape tubes, x2 S-bend tubes and a split tube for racing fun! Also including connector tiles, this is the perfect expansion pack to explore gravity and motion.

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A little bit more info...

  • As an open-ended quality toy, Connetix will grow with your child as they learn and their play becomes more complex.
  • Recommended Age: 3+ (contains magnets and small parts)
  • The Connetix BALL RUN PACK is a 92 piece set starring our unique and exclusive Connetix design features of:⁣
    • clear, fluted tubes so you can watch those balls zoom through,⁣
    • 2 x special effects stair case sound scape pieces,
    • 2 x S bend pieces AND a split tube for racing fun….⁣
  • Plus a whole lot of other pieces and 6 wooden balls to kickstart play!⁣
  • Made using non-toxic materials, the Ball Run Pack is the perfect complement to our standard Connetix packs.