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Bubbaroo Joey Swag Sleeping Bag


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You keep finding that your baby is kicking their blankets and want to ensure that they're warm enough at night.

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  • The Joey Swag sleeping bags have been specially designed for bub to move freely while staying covered. You can also say adios to your army of bed linen because using the Joey Swag means no more top sheets and blankets.
  • There's a bottom opening zip to give you a quick access for a nappy change. 
  • Convenient travel system. The sleeping bags have been designed to accommodate a 3 or 5 point harness of a car seat or pram. So there's no need to take your baby out of the sleeping bag if they're fast asleep and you need to head out.
  • Each Joey Swag comes with a door hanging temperature guide detailing what baby should wear with their Joey Swag based on the temperature of the nursery. Making life easy for you.
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.
  • Not only safe and functional but incredibly stylish - you won't find any gaudy designs in Bubbaroo's range. The Joey Swags are made from the highest quality fabrics and materials. A Joey Swag is like luxurious bedding for your child.

TOG explained

A TOG or the thermal resistance is a European warmth rating: the higher the tog, the warmer the product. Joey Swag baby sleep bags are available in four TOG ratings.

A number of factors determine the TOG rating of the baby sleep bag that should be used. These include the number of clothes your baby is wearing, the temperature of their bedroom and your baby's health.

Joey Swags come in a variety of warmth ratings (TOG):

3.5 TOG

Cold temperatures - for cold room temperatures of 10-14°C

2.5 TOG

All year round - for standard room temperatures of 15-20°C

1.0 TOG

Summer and daytime naps - warmer weather and in rooms of 21-23°C 

0.5 TOG

Holiday and heatwaves - hot weather and very warm rooms of 24-27°C 

Size Guide

Approximate child age Minimum child weight Maximum child length

0-6 months

4kg / 8lb 8oz

70cm / 27.5"

6-18 months

8.1kg / 18lb

88cm / 34.5"

18-36 month

11.4kg / 25lb

100cm / 39.5"

3-6 years

58-64cm chest

120cm / 47.6"