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Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

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You are looking for a helping hand with getting your child out of the diaper stage. If your child  is comfortable on the potty it stands to reason that they will be happy to sit. The Baby Bjorn potty chair has been ergonomically designed so your child is comfortable.  

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  • The Baby Bjorn potty chair is ideal for those occasions when your child wants to take their time sitting on the potty, thanks to its sturdy and smooth-edged ergonomic design which provides your child with maximum comfort. It has a high backrest and the comfortable armrests mean that your child can just sit back and relax. 
  • There is plenty of room for the legs, making it easier to sit down and stand up.
  • The rubber edging along the base ensures that the potty chair rests firmly on the floor without sliding about. 
  • The inner potty is easy to lift out, empty and clean. The splashguard prevents spills outside the potty.
  • Made of recyclable, PVC-free plastic.