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Britax Safe N Sound B-First Ifix Tex

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You are looking for the latest isofix car seat with the latest fabric cover. The Britax B-First ifix is Britax's #1 isofix car seat, featuring advanced SICT, a protective shell, and a rearward facing level indicator to help with installation.

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  • The TEX Series incorporates liquid barrier technology, causing spills to bead up and roll off your seat without compromising on its look, feel, or comfort. The combination of Thermo5® and Nanotex® creates an advanced fabric resistant to stains and moisture, providing comfort with hygiene and convenience. This means when little accidents happen on the go, your seat is easy to clean and will continue to keep your little one comfortable.
  • Protective shell - The enclosed shell design provides enhanced shielding to ensure the child is contained within the protective elements of the child seat. A protective barrier between the child and the vehicle.
  • Advanced Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) - Advanced SICT is a deployable safety innovation with crumple zone technology. Located on the Headrest and Torso, the unique design combines advanced safety and freedom of space.
  • ISOFLEX latch connectors allow for installation to vehicles with ISOFIX low anchorages. ISOFIX installation is an alternative method to traditional seatbelt installation.
  • Ventilation zones - Located in the rear interior and exterior of the seat, the zones offer improved airflow and increased comfort to your child in rearward facing.
  • Features the all new Thermo5 high performance fabric which delivers the premium comfort your child deserves.
  • Rearward facing level indicator - Visual level indicator designed to aid correct rearward installation angles. Full or partially visible, the level indicator offers you an optimal range during installation.
  • Integrated coloured belt paths - Clear, obvious coloured visual belt paths for easier to guide seat belt installation correctly.
  • Improved harness adjuster - To assist in the prevention of child access, the harness adjuster button is now lower and inset.
  • Hassle free harness - The frontal easy adjust headrest can be height adjusted without uninstalling the seat.
  • Flexi infant safety cushion - This cushion includes EVA composite material that provides support and protection for a small baby. Detachable wings making this cushion flexible for longer use as a seat protector or cushion pad. Remove as required.
  • Extended rearward facing accommodating a child up to approximately 2-3 years.
    Lower Height Marker
    350mm approx.
    Transition Height Marker 390mm approx.
    Upper Height Marker 435mm approx.
  • Warranty - Britax Safe-n-Sound injection moulded car seats are covered by:
    • 5 year warranty on seat moulding, harness and fittings;
    • Fabric covers, comfort pad and padding are covered by a 2 year warranty; and
  • Extend it up to 10 years by registering online with Britax