Valco Deluxe Footmuff

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You're looking for a warm and snuggly footmuff for your Valco Pram which is suitable for the mild summers and cold winters.  The great thing with the Valco Deluxe Footmuff is it has multiple harness holes so it is suitable for almost all prams!  Super stylish and super snugly, it offers newborns and toddlers a cosy enclosed environment, protecting them from the winter chill.

$89.00 $109.00

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A little bit more info...

  • Suitable for all Valco prams as well as most other brands
  • You can zip off the front cover to allow airflow to leave just a beautifully, comfortable liner in the warmer months
  • Inbuilt head support (which can also be zipped off) to prevent excessive head movement in rough terrain as well as added comfort
  • You can put the whole footmuff in the wash which is great for any accidental spills