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Ubabub Nifty Clear

by Ubabub

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You want your baby's nursery to be unique and funky.  The Ubabub Nifty Clear builds on the Ubabub range to be ultra-modern but also retro and universal. With a huge clear panel, The Nifty Clear has a focus on safety and your baby will always be in clear sight.

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A little bit more info...

  • You have two levels for the mattress, the upper height when they are a baby and the lower height as they grow.  Once they outgrow both levels, you can always purchase the Junior Kit to keep this beautiful piece of furniture for years.
  • The Nifty Clear uses timber that has been sourced from renewable plantations and treated using non-toxic finishes.  Everything has been selected for its renewable properties.
  • The Nifty Clear is easy to assemble.
  • It's a little lower than most cots so parents don't strain their back trying to get their little one in and out.  
  • It has fixed sides due to the increase in structural integrity as opposed to drop sides.
  • Features enclosed sides ensure little limbs stay inside the cot.
  • Pairs perfectly with the Ubabub Nifty Dresser.