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Tiny Love Stroll N Roll - Butterfly


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Your baby is craving more mental stimulation whilst in their car seat or pram.  The Tiny Love Stroll N Roll clamps over the car seat and enables you to add or remove toys to increase or decrease stimulation to your baby.  There is a handle you can pull to make the flower spin and grab their attention and soon they will learn to do it too. The angle of the arch can be adjusted to provide the perfect level or entertainment for your baby.

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A little bit more info...

  • Multiple loops to add your own toys or rearrange the order.
  • Caters to two stages of development: From 0m+ there is batting and sensory exploration and from ages 5 month and up - there is pulling for cause and effect learning
  • There are 6 toys that are activated by your little one
  • If your baby is unsettled by the toys, remove them and try leaving just one and vice versa if they are bored, then put all the toys and activate the musical snail
  • The toys hang down low so your baby can soon reach them and explore the intricate details of each item
  • You can always change the angle as required if it is too close or too far