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Taggies Soft N Shake Rattle

by Taggies

You will love this if...

You're looking a rattle that has an easy to grasp handle. The Soft ‘n Shake rattle features satin tags for baby to touch and explore. It's the perfect rattle for little hands to hold and shake!

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A little bit more info...

  • 3 satin ribbons are soothing for babies to touch and explore.
  • Features rattle ball inside.
  • Easy to hold and grab.
  • Suitable for infants from 3 months & up.
  • Designed by a real mum who saw the benefit in having silk tags over toys.
  • Silk tags make children feel calm and safe when rubbing them together.  The patterns and colours are stimulating whilst the softness of the toys are great for snuggling and play.

What are Taggies?

Inspired by her childrens affection and attachment to smooth, satiny looped tags, a real mom nurtured Taggies from an idea to a "must have" item for little ones around the world!  For well over a decade now, babies and children have been comforted by their soft, colorful and comforting Taggies. Every Taggies product offers children a varied assortment of printed and textured tags to explore and enjoy!