Steelcraft Beepa 4 In 1 Walker

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You have been looking for a walker that does it all!  Sitting, standing, jumping and playing is all possible with the Steelcraft Beepa 4 in 1 Walker.  When your baby is small, bring the footrest under them and let them press the buttons that illuminate and make sounds.  As they get more confident, push away the seat and footrest to create a 'mini walking frame' to help your little one up on their own two feet in no time.

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A little bit more info...

  • Suitable from 6 months (when they can support their head) to 13kgs or 81cm tall
  • The unit weighs 4kg
  • Includes a clip on play tray which can be easily removed to a feeding tray or blank play table
  • The Play Tray is super cool with a steering wheel, horn and heaps of different toys with different textures.  There are lights and sounds galore on the Beepa which is sure to keep your little one entertained.
  • There is a 'jump' mode which allows bubs to jump up and down and be entertained for hours!
  • The seat is padded and large to provide plenty of support to your little one
  • There are 3 seat height adjustments that you can change as your baby grows
  • Non-skid safety friction steps will prevent the walker from falling down stairs
  • Extra-wide base to ensure stability with even the most adventurous babies
  • Folds up nice and flat for transport or storage
  • Toy tray is removable and will leave you with a blank tray that your child can eat on or do other activities than play with the toys
  • **Requires 7 x AA batteries - not included