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Take 10% off when you spend $200

Safe N Sound Protecta Plus Child Safety Harness


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You want the safest possible booster seat arrangement for your child with a 5 point harness that is rated to 36kgs.  The Safe N Sound Protecta Plus Child Safety Harness is to be used with compatible booster seats over 4 years old and for children who have outgrown the booster seat up to 10 years old!  

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Most important features

  1. Maximum capacity is 36kgs
  2. The harness provides upper torso support - without it, your child can be flung forward in a crash which can cause serious injuries
  3. The Protecta PLUS Harness features a frontal adjuster that allows a parent to thread the harness through the slots of an Expandable Booster Seat or Convertible Booster Seat. This provides a better fit on the child's shoulder
  4. All Safe-n-Sound tethered Boosters Seats & Convertible Booster Seats are fitted with our patented VERSA TETHER catch which allows the connection of the Protecta PLUS harness using the single vehicle anchorage fitting
  5. A Child Harness is suggested for the use with Booster Seats for improved upper torso support Reduces injury associated with lap-only seat belts when used with just the car's seat
  6. A Child Harness must be used if the booster seat is used with a lap-only seat belt Suitable for use for all Safe-n-Sound Booster Seats