Roger Armstrong Large Expandable Entertainer Playzone

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You have been looking for a portable playpen that has an inbuilt gate and a toy-wall to keep your baby occupied.  The Roger Armstrong Large Expandable Entertainer Playzone allows your kids to play in their own area with a durable, double lock gate and wall full of toys.  The playpen is extendable, you just need to purchase separate sides and just click them together to make any size or shape playpen.


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Most important features

  • Is is suitable for domestic or commercial use such as day cares and child centres
  • Dimensions are 1.1m x 1.1m
  • Super quick to assemble and folds up flat for transport
  • Wipe down clean as it is built from high quality, blow moulded plastic panels
  • Plenty of toys to keep bubs occupied
  • A safe, double locked gate will allow you to easily walk in as well as keep bubs secure