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Rizees Baby UV Sterilizer & Dryer

by Rizees

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You're still living in the Steam Age? Rizees Baby UV Sterilizer and Dryer will help you to say good bye to the steam age. Ultraviolet sterilization effects are harmless to the human body and produce a 99.9% sterilization rate against pathogenic bacteria, fungi and various infectious diseases.

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  • Suitable for bottles, towels, clothes and toys.
  • Dry and sterilize up to 6 bottles in 1 cycle.
  • Waterless UV Sterilization suitable for sterilizing a wide range of everyday items without having the double contamination problem.
  • The Storage function can help you to storage more than 72 hours to keep it dry and safe.  
  • HEPA air filter system.
  • Stainless steel inner tank.
  • One click to control 4 intelligent programs: auto, sterilise, dry and storage.