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Phil & Teds Traveller Bassinet Accessory


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You have the Phil & Teds Traveller Cot v4 and want to make it easier for you to get your newborn in and out of it. The traveller bassinet accessory brings your baby higher & closer to you. Simply place the traveller bassinet next to your bed to sleep with your baby in the same room. Room-sharing is proven to offer numerous significant benefits for infant health, including establishing feeding routines and bonding, not to mention peace of mind; ideal for both your baby & your own wellbeing in those special early days.

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  • Just like the traveller cot, the traveller bassinet accessory is extremely light & portable for travel. Your baby can rest in a familiar space, whether you're in the living room or away from home. You can feel confident knowing that your baby is comfortable & content in their own environment & smells, for a long & restful sleep.
  • Weighing only 2.9kg / 6lbs together with the traveller frame, everything fits into traveller's handy carry bag for easier transportation.
  • With OEKO-TEX certified fabrics & breathable mesh, traveller bassinet is gentle on delicate skin and provides excellent ventilation.
  • With an included fitted sheet that's washable, you can feel confident that you always have a cosy bed for your baby wherever your parenting day takes you.
  • Please note that you require the Phil & Teds Traveller Cot v4 for this product.