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Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breastpump

by Medela
Original price $429.00
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You want to increase milk supply and express faster.  The Medela Swing Maxi Breastpump allows you to simultaneously express from two breasts to increase milk supply and save time doing it.  The 2-phase technology simulates a natural sucking rhythm to ensure more consistent milk flow too.

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  • Medela's 2-phase expression powers the Swing Maxi by mimicking the natural sucking motion of a baby.  It starts off with quick patterns to stimulate the breast and then followed by longer ones to provide your baby with optimal, consistent milk flow.  The other benefit - you express faster so your baby is happy and we can imagine you will be happier too!
  • The benefits of simultaneous double pumping are massive.  You ensure you always have adequate breastmilk available for your baby as you will produce 18% more milk than a single breast session. The milk has higher energy content and you will be saving twice as much time - how great is that!  PS: you can always switch to single breast mode if you like.
  • The Swing Maxi is premium machine and provides you with numerous settings to adjust the vacuum level to make sure you are comfortable at all times.
  • Every part of the Swing Maxi that comes into contact with your breastmilk is completely free from any nasty BPA.  
  • Super easy to assemble and clean.  You can clean, sterilise, boil, disinfect each part to ensure a bacteria free breast pump
  • Every woman has a different breast size and therefore needs the perfect fitting breast shield to ensure effective pumping sans-pain!  There are 5 different sizes of Medela's Personal Fit breastshield.
  • Great for moving around with it's light construction. Never fear - you can use batteries or a power adaptor so no matter where you are, your breast pump is ready to go.
  • Nice and quiet like breastfeeding should be

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