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Medela Swing Electric Breastpump

by Medela

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You want to buy a brand of breast pump that the hospitals use to make expressing milk easier, more comfortable and faster.  The Medela Swing Breastpump is an award-winning breastpump due to its ease of use, its quiet running noise and incorporation of the latest expression technologies.  Express faster and be more comfortable in the process - it's no surprise that hospitals use Medela.

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  • Medela's 2-phase expression powers the Swing Maxi by mimicking the natural sucking motion of a baby.  It starts off with quick patterns to stimulate the breast and then followed by longer ones to provide your baby with optimal, consistent milk flow.  The other benefit - you express faster so your baby is happy and we can imagine you will be happier too!
  • The Swing has won numerous awards for being a reliable, everyday breast pump that saves you time whilst being supremely comfortable.  That's why the hospitals use Medela breast pumps!
  • The Swing Breastpump is designed for mothers and provides you with numerous settings to adjust the vacuum level to make sure you are comfortable at all times.
  • Every part of the Swing that comes into contact with your breastmilk is completely free from any nasty BPA.  
  • Super easy to assemble and clean.  You can clean, sterilise, boil, disinfect each part to ensure a bacteria free breast pump
  • Every woman has a different breast size and therefore needs the perfect fitting breast shield to ensure effective pumping sans-pain!  There are 5 different sizes of Medela's Personal Fit breastshield.
  • Great for moving around with it's light construction. Never fear - you can use batteries or a power adaptor so no matter where you are, your breast pump is ready to go.
  • Nice and quiet like breastfeeding should be

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