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Maxi Cosi Moda + Bonus $35.00 Gift Voucher

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The latest evolution in car safety technology is your ultimate priority and you truly want to provide the ultimate comfort for your child during their journey.

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  • The Maxi Cosi Moda convertible car seat is for parents who love good design with intelligent innovation. They not only look great but they feel great too. The Maxi Cosi Moda uses ‘Cool Baby’ wicking fabric that draws the moisture away from your little baby. This means that this car seat will stop your little one from getting too hot when they are strapped in.
  • When designing the Maxi Cosi Moda, both fashion and safety were the key focus. We all know that rearward-facing is the safest way to travel. The Moda also features Air Protect Side Impact Technology which has pillows of air surrounding the child's head to dramatically reduce impact in a side on collision.  Your baby is sitting in it's own little padded cloud!
  • What's even better is the GCELL technology used in this seat. What's GCELL you ask? GCell takes what works in nature and applies it to child safety. The beauty of GCell’s design lies in the simplicity of the hexagonal shapes that work together to generate a wall of strength under great compression. GCell's patented technology uses high performance thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that lines the entire outside of your child’s car seat shell and acts as a crumple zone for your car seat. This helps to greatly reduce crash forces much like the bumper does for your car.
  • With the Maxi Cosi Moda Convertible Car Seat, you can have your baby traveling for up to 30 months in the rearward facing position therefore increasing safety. When baby’s shoulders reach the lower height marker, you can turn the seat around so it faces forward and have a total of 4 years of fun in your Maxi Cosi Moda convertible car seat.
  • The Maxi Cosi Moda includes ISOFIX connectors, known as ISOGO. This removes the hassle of trying to secure the base with the adult seatbelt. ISOFIX gives you peace of mind with indicators that turn green once they are secure to know that your childs seat is perfectly fitted. Your seat will be fitted in 3 simple steps. The base also has 3 adjustable recline positions to fit all different types of vehicles.
  • Clever harness system which grows seamlessly with your child.  Raise the headrest to 5 different positions and the harness will follow to ensure the perfect fit at all times.  The Quickfit system allows you to adjust the harness whilst the car seat is installed rather than having to remove it and then refit the harness.