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Luna's Treasures Soother Chain


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You keep losing dummies. These wooden dummy chains are made of all natural products that don’t contain any harmful chemicals or plastics. Plus they are perfectly functional and look delightful too.

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  • Australian mums can all agree that it is quite challenging to find quality wooden baby products. The scarcity of these safer wooden products is exactly what inspired the creation of Luna’s Treasures.
  • These soother clips are not just practical for keeping your babies dummy close by. These beautiful chains are some of the most functional baby accessories you can possibly own for all the following reasons;
  • Keeps Soothers Close By – With these beautiful chains, your baby will always have that soother close by.  The soother is attached to your little one’s outfit which makes it easy for baby to find.
  • Never Lose A Soother Again – Quality safety tested soothers are hard to find, and they are hardly cheap.  With these beautiful chains, you will never lose a soother again. These chains will keep your soothers clipped to your child.
  • Keeps Soothers Clean – Little ones are vulnerable to germs. These soother chains make it easy to keep your dummy clean and germ-free because it will never fall to the ground.
  • Calming Play Accessory – The beautiful design of these soothers is perfect for calming your baby. Little ones love to feel, touch and play with those colourful wooden beads and you can even clip your chain into a bracelet for easy handling so your little one can play and stay calm in a car seat or stroller.
  • A Beautiful Accessory – We offer a wide range of beautiful soother clip designs that are sure to brighten up any baby outfit instantly. It is a perfect accessory for your little one.