Label Label Friends Horse

You will love this if...

Your little one is craving a 'blankie' that is stimulating, cute and encourages playtime. The Label Label Friends Horse is insanely cute and uses tags, super soft boa, detailed appliqués and embroidery.  It is the ultimate snuggle companion!


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A little bit more info...

  • Children love having a comforting 'blankie' that they can take everywhere with them.  This blankie is both stimulating for your little one and absolutely adorable.
  • Two dimensional
  • Completely machine washable
  • A lot of children love to play with the labels of their toys. Most children also become very relaxed whlie cuddling a blankie. These two child characteristics led to the development of the Label-Label.
  • Silk tags make children feel calm and safe when rubbing them together.  The patterns and colours are stimulating whilst the softness of the toys are great for snuggling and play.
  • Fun Labels - A variety of original labels for baby’s who love to play.
  • Touch & Play - Help stimulate and develop core motor skills.
  • For small hands - Safe design for the smallest hands and greatest fun.