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Kidsmill Up! High Chair & Bouncer Package - ex display

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You want possibly the smartest highchair in the world. The Kidsmill Up! is thoughtfully designed to grow as your child grows, bringing many years of enjoyment for you and your child. Compact, ergonomic, and adaptable, the Up! brings years of enjoyment for you and your child. Not to mention, the beautiful design of the Up! complements any home interior.

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  • Package includes: Kidsmill Up! Highchair, Kidsmill Up Bouncer & Kidsmill Up! Highchair Cushion Set.
  • The stylish, comfy and soothing Kidsmill Bouncer is ideal for little ones from birth - and it grows with your child! From the first day, you can use the bouncer frame and clip it onto the Kidsmill Up! Highchair - that means your little one can sit at the table with you. A great multi-functional 2-in-1 system to have in your home.
  • Compact and ergonomic design

In a child-friendly house a high chair must not take up more space than is necessary. That’s why the Kidsmill Up! is very compact and the legs don’t stick out. Your child is supported properly by a strong backrest, a footrest and matching safety bar.
Compact and ergonomic design
  • Grows with your child

    A high chair that grows with your child – now that’s handy! The Kidsmill Up! is fully adjustable and can be adapted for each of your child’s life stages. The seat height and the footrest are adjustable, so that you can always ensure a comfortable sitting position for your child.

  • Matches your interior

    The Kidsmill Up! is available in a range of modern colours. Even the tray is available in a matching colour. You can therefore create a high chair that meets your wishes and matches your decor at home. And your child? He or she will certainly enjoy eating and playing in this high chair!