Joolz Geo Twin - Earth Collection

You will love this if...
You're expecting twins! Where life might lead the versatile Joolz Geo stroller can be extended or adapted in various ways - depending on how one's family grows. In either configuration the Joolz Geo remains highly manoeuvrable, easy to use, safe and comfortable.


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The Top 3 features...
  1. It's a compact double pram. It really still feels like your pushing a single stroller.
  2. It's always a comfortable ride with four wheel suspension, smoothly take turns, bumps and obstacles in the city or countryside.
  3. It's designed around the human body, that of the parent and of the child. The smart ergonomic design helps maintain correct posture and gives maximum support to you and your baby. 
    A little bit more info...

    Comfortable and wide bassinet

    The comfortable and spacious bassinet has a hypoallergenic, breathable mattress and a soft zone around the head of the child. The bassinet comes included with the pram. The sun hood features a clever, hidden ventilation opening made from a breathable mesh fabric that can be opened to allow the extra flow of fresh air. You can easily lift the cot from the chassis and place it on the ground. That's really useful if you're at a restaurant or a friends and don't want to set up the whole pram.

    High seat and bassinet position. 

    The seat and cot are perfectly positioned to relieve your back when lifting your baby in or out of the Joolz Geo. You can also position the Joolz Geo at table height, which can be very practical when having dinner in a restaurant or a drink on the terrace!

    Ergonomic and practical seat

    The ergonomically designed seat can be reversed and adjusted into three different positions and has a soft comfort zone at the bottom of the seat.

    Compact folding and storage

    The Joolz Geo can be easily folded including seat, XL shopping basket and even with two seats. When folded (with or without seat) it will go in almost any car, underneath the stairs or in a cupboard.

    Height adjustable handlebar 

    The in height-adjustable handlebar gives parents with long legs the right amount of comfort behind their pushchair.

    Four wheel suspension for optimum comfort
    Always an easy ride with the four-wheel-suspension. Your baby sits and sleeps comfortably, while you smoothly take turns, bumps and obstacles on streets or on forest trails, in the city or outdoors.

    Easy to maneuver with one hand
    With one child and a full XL shopping basket or with two children in the pushchair, the Joolz Geo is still very compact and easily to manoeuvre. Simply manoeuvre your pushchair through the aisles of a supermarket or a busy shopping street.


    The Nitty Gritty

    Maximum child weight - 17kg upper seat + 15kg lower seat.

    Pram weight - chassis 8.5kg, upper seat seat 3.3kg, lower seat 2.7kg.

    Toddler seat option - Yes. The Joolz Geo Twin is appropriate for two newborns and comes with chassis; upper and lower carrycot and seat; and XL shopping basket. Plus you can even add the Joolz Footboard if you need.

    Capsule compatible - Yes. The Maxi Cosi Mico AP is compatible. Just don't forget you'll also need the adaptors. You can even add two capsules for twins.

    Bassinet compatible - Yes, and it even comes included for both children.

    Warranty - 24 months.