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Infa Secure Lockie


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You find that the adult seat belt loosens over time causing your car seat to move around. Lockie is a seatbelt positioning device designed to be extremely easy to use. It is used in conjunction with a harnessed car seat and vehicle seatbelt to prevent the seatbelt installation from loosening over time. Lockie is much easier to use than other kinds of seatbelt locking clamps, clips and buckles.

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  • Keeps seatbelt installations nice and firm.
  • Extremely easy to fit (and re-fit).
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia!
  • Lockie can be used with all child restraints that feature an internal harness. Do not use this product with a Booster Seat, an Accessory Child Harness, or a Convertible Booster being used in Booster Seat mode.
  • Lockie is designed to be used with the majority of vehicle seat belts, however there may be a small number of vehicles for which it is not compatible.